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They reportedly spent upwards of wo million dollars on their wedding in the Bahamas.Norman's marriage to Evert followed his 2006 divorce from his first wife, Laura Andrassy, after 25 years of marriage."First we had to deal with Laura and her bitter attack on Greg and now most recently Chrissie has decided to follow suit," Janis says.Meanwhile, there are speculations that Norman is dating an interior designer Kirsten Kutner, to which his family has approved calling her a beautiful woman inside out.61-year-old Evert opened up about the situation on Lance Armstrong's "The Forward Podcast" -- when the two were talking about the positive relationships they have with their exes ... FYI, Evert and Mill had 3 kids together before they divorced in 2006.Two years later, she married Andy's friend, Greg Norman (the golfer). "[Andy and I] had a rough couple of years," Evert said ...

The good news for Evert -- she says she's on great terms with Mill and considers him family.

Their wedding that was scheduled for November of that year never happened, and their relationship ended. But now, 35 years later, Connors is releasing a biography this week titled The Outsider, in which he strongly hints that during their whirlwind affair in 1974, Evert got pregnant and had an abortion.

Neither one of them ever explained what caused it to disintegrate so quickly. He says that she did so without allowing him to be part of the decision-making, though he states that he "was perfectly happy to let nature take its course and accept responsibility for what was to come." He bitterly writes to Evert in the book, "Well, thanks for letting me know.

In 1974, while dating, Evert and Connors both won their respective singles championship at Wimbledon.

As Sports Illustrated reported at the time, "For the first time in memory, the traditional opening dance at Saturday night's Wimbledon Ball was reserved for two singles champions who were sweethearts as well—Chris Evert, 19, and her mop-topped fiance, Jimmy Connors, 21." In typical sports-pun fashion, they were dubbed the "Love Double" and "Love Match" by tabloids.

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After 25 years of marriage, Greg Norman separated from Laura Andrassy and lost $103 million in the divorce settlement.