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A "concerning pattern of football player conduct" led University of Minnesota officials to investigate five reports of sexual harassment, sexual assault and retaliation by players.A July 16 email exchange between then-Athletic Director Norwood Teague and Kimberly Hewitt, head of the university's Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action office, outlined several complaints raised about football players during the 2014-2015 school year.

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Her office investigated one of the sexual harassment complaints and found one football player violated the sexual harassment policy.

It also investigated the retaliation complaint, finding what she called concerning behavior, but not evidence of violations of university policy.

“It is the responsibility of each person who wishes to engage in the sexual activity to obtain consent.” But isn’t that redundant? May I kiss the first spot again while I touch your hand? An excellent quotes Alison Berke Morano—a Floridian political strategist and founder of the Affirmative Consent Project—as expressing relief that the burden will no longer be on accusers to “prove that it happened”: The problem, Morano said, is that the burden in cases of alleged sexual assault has been on victims to prove they were victimized. Morano doesn’t seem understand this, although her group’s website makes her case so badly that I have to wonder whether she’s actually a deliberate parody of a “Yes Means Yes” supporter.

All parties to a sexual activity must be willing participants in the first place, or else they are victims of rape under any standard. “The accuser is always the one who has to prove that it happened,” she said. (You can buy her nifty t-shirts—which depict actual sex contracts—here.) The Minnesota students and administrators are equally mixed up: Joelle Stangler, student body president at the U, said that’s why students themselves have been demanding the change.

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