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If, however, you want the pivot table to appear on the same worksheet, click the Existing Worksheet button and then indicate the location of the first cell of the new table in the Location text box.(Just be sure that this new pivot table isn’t going to overlap any existing tables of data.) If the data source for your pivot table is an external database table created with a separate database management program, such as Access, you need to click the Use an External Data Source button, click the Choose Connection button, and then click the name of the connection in the Existing Connections dialog box.That will help when I go to adapt it for "actual" application. So the snag I ran into is that my pull down box will be different sheet than my pivottable. ), It clears all "values" under the assessment filter. That's "Filtersheet" sheet's Range("C1") of course.. yes, so will have to write the code in this sheet's Change event. Before that, a brief introduction to the generic code's parameters: 1. In my attached example, these were the values of "Assessments" column/field. Firstly, as you'll be making changes to the sheet which is not containing the Pivot Table, we'll first have to get to the sheet where we have the Pivot Table. Well, it seems I and the computer is now on the same sheet. Current Page = Filter String would do, but am making sure if no filter is provided then pivot needs to come back to normal.sht As Worksheet - This is the sheet where the Pivot table resides. Pvt TABName as String - Is the name of the Pivot Table. You'll see two new tabs "Options" and "Design" has appeared at the end of the ribbon with a heading "Pivot Table Tools", just click "Options". So, now I need to direct the computer to the column on which I need to perform the operation. so I'll create a Pivot Field variable to hold the location by using the following statement.. You might have seen Four sections on the Field List pane. It simply tells the computer to perform the defined check before any other. In other words, apply filter only if there is any condition applied, if not, make it normal. Here's the updated code for the Filter Fields Please note, am using Sheet3 or can use Sheets("Pivot Data") to run the macro. Screen Updating = False to avoid flickering and set it back to True when done running macro. I conduct an online training program called as Excel School.

Following is a generic code that can be applied to any pivot table to get the filtered result. This section first takes the "chain" that we made in the other code and Filter Fields, I breaks it down into small "chunks" and tells the system what each chunk is, in this example most are "strings" aka text. I had it labeled "Workbooks" instead of the proper Worksheets So the problem.For a quick solution, they’d like to enter the sample quantities in the Values area of the pivot table, instead of creating records in the source data.However, if you try to type in a cell in the Values area, an error message appears — Cannot change this part of a Pivot Table report.Although you can’t type in most cells in the Values area, you can type in cells that contain calculated items.To allow manual entries for the sample quantities, you could create a calculated item with the name Samples, as described below.

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It takes in a few arguments like Worksheet, Name of the Pivot Table, Field name and the conditional value. Then it makes a "new" variable called pvt Field that is basically ending up as Pivot Data. Assessments Then it accesses that pivottable at the above location and does the following operations. The first item in the list is still giving me an error and I'm racking my brains to figure it out. The implementation remains same only need to provide valid references.

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