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Speaking about German men, we first of all think of such qualities as punctuality, decency, respectable appearance and … Yeah, dear ladies, it’s absolutely true that German men are really romantic.

If you've just set a date for your wedding and want to get married in Germany, this can be an exciting time for the two of you!

Also, I want to share with you a cool dating custom I discovered!

German Men Dont Flirt as Much Again, it is important to emphasize that there are probably a handful of Casanovas in Germany that would put the most avid ladys man to shame.

She is the first woman to be chancellor of Germany!

Political rights and the wording of laws and official texts here are strictly gender neutral.

You will need to show your passport and a recent certified copy of your birth certificate along with a certificate of no impediment or Certificate of Free Status to marriage or a document from your home embassy that confirms you are eligible to marry. Embassy in Berlin, required documents vary from case to case and what The Standesamt (registrar's office) requires.

Baptismal certificates will not be accepted as a form of identification. Because of the uncertainty about documents, it is required that you make an appointment with The Standesamt to discuss what will be required from you.

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So people go out to restaurants together but it’s not really thought of as a ‘date-night’.