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Dating delilah im the best

At a Sunset Boulevard mansion, the body of Joe Gillis floats in the swimming pool.

In a flashback, Joe relates the events leading to his death.

Scene occurs toward the end of the film, after Nick is provided keys to new locks and regains access to his home. Okay, whether it's a PC or a piece of paper, know how it works. Now I knew to expect a story that was not a happy-go-lucky comedy (is there one about an alcoholic struggling with sobriety), but was hoping for some more lightheartedness.

Prince has a large Afro, and he's dressed in dark, diaphanous layers, with a vest over a flowing long-sleeved shirt, form-fitting grayish-black slacks, and sneakers with high Lucite heels that light up with every step.

He's wearing obvious makeup – foundation, eyeliner, probably more.

And Prince being Prince, it's fascinating to watch him do just about anything.

The more ordinary the activity – clicking a mouse, say – the weirder it feels.

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Six months earlier, down-on-his-luck screenwriter Joe tries selling Paramount Pictures producer Sheldrake on a story he submitted.