Bobby dating service youtube

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Bobby dating service youtube

Forbes compiled a list of You Tube's top earners led by Swedish vlogger Felix Kjellberg, 25, also known as Pew Die Pie.Looking to turn watching You Tube videos into a more social experience, a team from Google’s internal incubator, Area 120, has launched Uptime, an app that lets you watch videos together with your friends.However, you also can tap on the screen to leave “sparkles” on the video itself, and these are only shown to those you’re watching with in real time.Other apps have launched in the past with the aim of offering a co-watching experience, like You Tube Social, We Mesh, Live Lead, Air Time and others.The app is initially available only for i OS devices, and it feels very different from the standard You Tube experience.The app has a youthful, lively design and includes “reaction” features inspired by live-streaming services such as Twitter’s Periscope and Facebook Live.He later got married to a girl named "Madelyn" at the age of 19 (In 2007) and was still in the military until November 28 of 2009 when he was inspired by Joe Hanson (Writer/Comedian) and decided to make his first You Tube channel with the name of "SSundee" He didn't upload videos until 2010 where he would spend some small amount of his free time each day doing and uploading gameplay videos such as "Call of Duty, Dota, League of Legends" and a lot more.He would also occasionally, do vlog videos of "Q&A" and him showing his gaming gadgets.

Parrot Analytics’ analysts speculated that the appearance by Mayim Bialik, of CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory,” on Rhett & Link’s Feb.

When you’re watching a video, your profile icon floats across the screen, and you can comment on the video or post emoji like the smiley face, surprised face, heart eyes, angry face, etc.

These reactions will be displayed to anyone who watches the video, even if they’re watching at a later time.

You can search and share video clips from You Tube to the app to Uptime, making it discoverable by others.

Ian Marcus Stapleton (born December 2, 1987 [age 29]), known on You Tube as SSundee , is a Minecraft Gamer who lives in the United States.

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C., with girlfriend Rose Byrne in tow, to see the Stones play and meet Jagger in the flesh.

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